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When you blog, you sometimes struggle with coming up with topics to write about.

You also struggle with finding the time to do it.

Sometimes you struggle with both.

I am not going to tell you what topics to write about, I am just going to give you a tip that I intend to apply myself from now on, to tap into the creativity and inspiration you already possess

I find that my very best ideas come to me when I am not in front of the computer screen, ready to write. They come to me in the garden, my hands covered in dirt, my mind in that zen state I personally reach only in the garden. For you inspiration might strike at entirely different moments, perhaps it is while driving home from work, when you’re in the shower, or when you’re cooking, or when you watch your children play, or when you are out for a walk. The point being, that ideas often come to us when we are not sitting by our computers, ready to go to work writing. They come to us when our mind roams, when we do something we love and enjoy, when we are immersed in life.

Then later, you finally find a quiet moment and you sit down to write that great blog post. You have the time. You are in the mood, but… your mind draws a blank. What should you write about? All those great headlines and subjects you thought of are suddenly gone, like a wisp of smoke in the wind.

This happened to me too many times to count. Great ideas I knew I had. Just out of reach, gone, vanished from my mind, when finally I had time to devote to writing them down. The solution is so simple. You just need to develop a habit combined with a system, to make a quick note of your great ideas. Summarize it like a great headline for your topic, and then gather all your ideas together in one place for easy inspiration later. Soon you’ll have a whole list of topics to chose from when you sit down to write – you will be going from “I have no clue what to write about” to “which of these topics inspire me most today”.

It’s a wonderful thing indeed. What should you use to keep track of these ideas?

It really doesn’t matter, as long as it is easy enough to use that you will actually do it, in the moment the idea comes to you. I am a mac user myself, so I just use “Notes” since all my devices talk to each other I can make a note on my iPhone or iPad and then when I am at the computer I can bring my Notes up and scan through my great and inspired ideas. If you are not a Mac user, you can use Evernote, a free service which was created to make notes that are shared across all your devices: https://evernote.com/pricing/

Make a headline out of every idea that comes to you. If you need to elaborate, jot down a few notes as to your ideas for the topic.

The next time you sit down to write, instead of casting desperately about for something to write about, you’ll have a whole list of headlines from which to draw inspiration. And the greatest thing? All these ideas were gathered from YOUR mind.

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