This is the first epub and print book I have created.

Formatted using Adobe Indesign CS6. And added the illustration. Learning and getting comfortable with Indesign for this project most definitely kept me busy.
As well as getting the manuscript kindle and createspace ready. Quite a bit of fun however.

I love illustrating and getting to create a cover for a book is always a great experience.

The writer has other manuscripts near completion and I’ll be looking forward to working on those as well.

In this case I was trying to convey a sense of threat without giving away what exactly was so hazardous about the critters in question.
Arachnohazard Front Cover

And here are two from the six or seven internal illustrations created for the book.

A fun to draw “Sickberry”. A blackberry that failed the physical and most likely would make you sick. But Such a neat name.
Cool map. Maps are fun. More maps will be coming up. Vector work.
Digital illustration

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